Building VET teachers’ Digital Education Readiness (DER) by developing an Open Educational Resource (OER) in the form of a blended learning course, incorporating learning paths for learners with varied levels of digital readiness and skills.

Planned Results

In a structured approach, the project team will develop modular adaptive curricula which aim to build the Digital Education Readiness (DER) of VET teachers by improving their attitudes towards digital teaching environments and promoting their willingness to engage with digital technologies.

Integrated on the learning management system Moodle and implemented in blended learning courses, these adaptive curricula support various learning strategies that will allow learners with varying educational and occupational biographies to access material from multiple entry points. VET teachers will experience first-hand how digital technologies can reduce overall workload (e.g. in terms of administrative tasks or learner support).

DigiPath will demonstrate lightweight educational offers that can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routine of VET teachers, taking into account their specific work setting. DigiPath recognises the multiplicities of different sectors and regional or national contexts. Consequently, the transferability and applicability to various contexts is a major objective of the project. To ensure all projects outputs can be (re)used in multiple contexts, an effective transfer concept (in the form of detailed guidelines) will also be developed and shared widely.

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